Click on the links provided below (by clicking on the headings) to load a PDF version of the following forms:

Membership Application - use this form if you would like to join the Society. Membership is not restricted to those living in the Reading area and we welcome philatelists from across the country (and abroad). In joining the Society you will be able to sell in our Society Packet and Auctions. Note that subscriptions run from September; anyone joining between January 1 and August 31 can do so at the reduced subsciption fee of £3.50.

Membership Renewal - use this form to renew your membership if you haven't already received a copy of the form (with your personal details filled in) by post. Remember to include your subscription fee when you send back the form.

Auction Lots - use this form if you want to enter lots into an auction (commission is 10%, with a minimum of 10p). You need to provide a full description of each item, together with a starting price. Note that we do not accept bids below this price, but unsold lots are offered at 10% off (or 20%, if you tick the appropriate box on the form) as the Society does not charge commission (just a 10p lotting fee) for after sales.

Auction Bids - use this form if you are bidding by post. Bids are also accepted via an email. When bidding by post, it helps if a blank cheque made out to the Society (the initials RDPS are acceptable) is included. Limit the value of the cheque by writing Under xxx Pounds vertically on the far left.

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